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Consultancy and  localisation

We are a Slovak company specialising in product localisation and sales intermediary services which we provide to clients who function within the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics and foodstuff industries.
since 2006
Regulatory consultancy, Translation Services and Sales Intermediary Services

A little more about us

Product localisation involves consultations which regard the introduction of products to market, professional translations of product documentation, fulfillment of administrative duties and serving as sales intermediaries.
An uncompromisingly thorough and meticulous approach honed by years of experience characterises the standard of work which our clients, both local and international, have come to expect from us.
Being located in Slovakia stations us at the ideal crossroads between the diverse economies of the European market in which we are firmly rooted and well established.

Services we provide

Regulatory Consultancy
Translation Services
Sales Intermediary Services
Within the purview of our regulatory consultancy we provide complete support in:
Bringing products to market
Full product life cycle support
Product registration
Regulatory updates and product monitoring
We perform pre-market product assessments, evaluations and adaptations of product labeling along with product documentation checks. We carry out all administrative tasks and correspond with regulatory authorities on the client’s behalf. 

We ensure that marketing materials adhere to all relevant legislation including consumer protection laws.

In the case that you are concerned about the regulatory compliance of any existing product or marketing portfolio: We perform external control audits aimed at assessing and correcting any possible discrepancies. In this context, we also offer risk management solutions.
sunshine solutions s.r.o. - Regulatory consultancy
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Our translation team has proven itself by providing translations for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics and foodstuffs industries. 

Examples of our work include: Patient brochures, marketing materials, cosmetics and foodstuffs labeling, package inserts, clinical trials, IFUs for medical devices and equipment.

The language combinations we usually operate with are:
English -> Slovak and Czech
German -> Slovak and Czech
French -> Slovak and Czech
Translations in languages other than those outlined may be available upon inquiry.

Our team puts emphasis on the context of each language, ensuring that we use the most up to date regulatory and marketing terminology.

Our long tenure in this field has driven the development and implementation of strict quality standards which our clients have grown to expect.
sunshine solutions s.r.o. - Translation services
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Serving a wide variety of clients over the years has endowed us with a network of industry contacts which we leverage through our sales intermediary services. 

Aside from functioning as a sales intermediary, we perform an array of ensuing tasks, such as: Aggregating and finalising orders, negotiating terms between contracting parties, business correspondence and providing assistance in securing product transport.
sunshine solutions s.r.o. - Sales Intermediary Services
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What our clients say about us

Due to our transparent approach to communication and uncompromising standards of quality, we have become a trusted and reliable purveyor of worry-free business to various local and international companies since our establishment in 2006.
Our satisfaction with the services delivered by SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS is proven by a years-long mutual and reliable cooperation.
Zuzana Sedláková
dm drogerie markt, s.r.o. (Slovakia)
Professional translations secured for us by SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS testify to SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS' competence and expertise in the field of medical technology and techniques-related terminology.
Marianna Čečková
Alcon Pharmaceuticals (Czech Republic), s.r.o (Slovak branch)
SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS offers a standard of reliability, professionalism and adaptation which cater to all client needs.
Igor Hlavatý
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Slovakia s.r.o.
On the basis of our long-lasting cooperation, we can testify that services provided by SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS meet and exceed all industry demands and standards.
Viktória Martáková
Servier Slovensko spol. s.r.o.
Cooperation with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS comes with the certainty that their services are guided by long-term professional experience.
Claudia Stabauer
ATT Drogerievertriebs GmbH
In our business relationship with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS, we rely on their professional approach and consistency in communication as the basis of mutual cooperation over the years.
Zuzana Kozánková
LIEK, s.r.o.
The company dm drogerie markt s.r.o. has cooperated for many years with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS in the field of dietary supplements, in particular in localizing Czech labels for dm house brand products, and relies also on their professional consultancy services. When we assign SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS with such a specialized task, we always rely on their prompt and competent services.
Ing. Denisa Šestáková
dm drogerie markt, s.r.o. (Czech republic)
Quick, reliable and forthcoming service forms our experience with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS.
Ján Hartl
We appreciate our clients and express our gratitude for the excellent relationships that we’ve had the pleasure to cultivate over the years.

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Since 2006
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